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Ready-made companies


Buying a ready-made company is the fastest way to start a business right away.

What is Ready-made?

Buying a ready-made company is the fastest way to start doing business. The advantage of ready-made companies consists in the fact that the client is immediately entitled to act in the name of the company from the instant the contract is signed and the executive director named, without having to wait for the registration of the changes in the Commercial Register.

Ready-made company is:

  • an already-existing company registered in the Commercial Register
  • a company with 100% of the registered capital paid, although
  • it has not yet been involved in any activities
  • a company established for the sole purpose of being resold

Our company always has dozens of ready-made companies (limited liability, joint stock or SE companies) available and ready for immediate sale.

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Provided Services

  • the organisation of a general meeting for the purpose of the implementation of complete changes in the sold company:
    1. change to the executive director / member of the board of directors, change to the supervisory board
    2. change to the corporate name (if requested by the client)
    3. change / expansion of the subject of business (if requested by the client)
    4. change in the registered offices (if requested by the client)
    5. other changes as requested by the client
  • the preparation of all the necessary documentation and its review by lawyers
  • arranging criminal records statements
  • arranging extracts from the land register
  • declaration of a trade at the Trade Licence Office
  • the companys registration for VAT or for other taxes
  • the preparation and submission of a petition for the registration of changes in the Commercial Register
  • a guarantee of the registration of the implemented changes in the Commercial Register