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Ready-made companies


Buying a ready-made company is the fastest way to start a business right away.

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z roku 2019

Name of companyLocationCompany ID No.Date of establishment
WHITE Chamber s.r.o. Prague078792888.2.2019200.000 Kč14.900 Kč free
PLATINUM Chamber s.r.o. Prague078770138.2.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
ROHAN Kingdom s.r.o. Prague078771298.2.2019200.000 Kč14.900 Kč free
SALMON Center s.r.o. Prague078771708.2.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
SIPIONE House s.r.o. Prague078790918.2.2019200.000 Kč14.900 Kč free
SUNDSVAL Finance s.r.o. Prague078791488.2.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
TAMPERE Invest s.r.o. Prague078791648.2.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
TENDALIS House s.r.o. Prague078791998.2.2019200.000 Kč14.900 Kč free
UDMC House s.r.o. Prague078792538.2.2019200.000 Kč14.900 Kč free
VERNON Media s.r.o. Prague078792708.2.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
KALTAG Media s.r.o. Prague078548031.2.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
KITIMAT Invest s.r.o. Prague078549431.2.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
LOMBARDIA Finance s.r.o. Prague078550281.2.2019200.000 Kč14.900 Kč free
MONTEDIA Center s.r.o. Prague078551171.2.2019200.000 Kč14.900 Kč free
MOUNTAIN House s.r.o. Prague078552141.2.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
NIKANIS Trade s.r.o. Prague078552811.2.2019200.000 Kč14.900 Kč free
OREGON Chamber s.r.o. Prague078555081.2.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
PALMER Solution s.r.o. Prague078555321.2.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
OPANIDAM Solution s.r.o. Prague0785539731.1.2019200.000 Kč14.900 Kč free
PONTEBAL Invest s.r.o. Prague0785556731.1.2019200.000 Kč14.900 Kč free
HEIDEN Reality s.r.o. Prague0783661925.1.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
ESTEVAN House s.r.o. Prague0783621025.1.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
FIRTEDOL House s.r.o. Prague0783630925.1.2019200.000 Kč14.900 Kč free
GALETINAS Trade s.r.o. Prague0783643125.1.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
GINTOLENA Invest s.r.o. Prague0783647325.1.2019200.000 Kč14.900 Kč free
HAZELTON Trade s.r.o. Prague0783653825.1.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
IBERIA House s.r.o. Prague0783672425.1.2019200.000 Kč14.900 Kč free
JACKSON House s.r.o. Prague0783678325.1.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
BERGEN Solution s.r.o. Prague0781598118.1.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
ARCTIC House s.r.o. Prague0781277918.1.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
DRAMEN Center s.r.o. Prague0781624318.1.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
EMONAK Finance s.r.o. Prague0781629418.1.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
EPRENETO Reality s.r.o. Prague0781640518.1.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
Next Door Invest s.r.o. Prague077487521.1.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
PARCEL Media s.r.o. Prague077497081.1.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
PARAIMA House s.r.o. Prague077495711.1.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč free
EUSEBIO Reality s.r.o. Prague077470631.1.2019200.000 Kč14.900 Kč free
HUNTING Chamber s.r.o. Prague0783666025.1.2019200.000 Kč14.900 Kč reserved
CEDALIS Finance s.r.o. Prague0781608118.1.2019200.000 Kč14.900 Kč reserved
PARAIBA House s.r.o. Prague077493411.1.2019200.000 Kč14.900 Kč reserved
ESTADUAL Center s.r.o. Prague077465631.1.201912.000 Kč12.900 Kč reserved
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z roku 2018

Name of companyLocationCompany ID No.Date of establishment
WENZEL Reality s.r.o. Prague0772960014.12.201812.000 Kč17.900 Kč free
TINFOIL Chamber s.r.o. Prague0772950214.12.201812.000 Kč17.900 Kč free
PEDRANS House s.r.o. Prague0772943014.12.201812.000 Kč17.900 Kč free
AMAZONAS Finance s.r.o. Prague0771779213.12.201812.000 Kč17.900 Kč free
BRAIN Media s.r.o. Prague075217915.10.201812.000 Kč17.900 Kč free
MITCHELL Finance s.r.o. Prague0724684628.6.201812.000 Kč17.900 Kč free
LEOPOLD Invest s.r.o. Prague0724706128.6.201812.000 Kč17.900 Kč free
GILBERTON Invest s.r.o. Prague0724725728.6.201812.000 Kč17.900 Kč free
UNDERWATER Center s.r.o. Prague0704951018.4.2018200.000 Kč19.900 Kč free
ERTIDA Media s.r.o. Prague067342435.1.201812.000 Kč17.900 Kč free
LARSIN Media s.r.o. Prague067295683.1.201812.000 Kč17.900 Kč free
ARTONYS Solution s.r.o. Prague067101911.1.201812.000 Kč17.900 Kč free
EPIDERMI Solution s.r.o. Prague0711859715.5.2018200.000 Kč19.900 Kč reserved
ALBION Solution s.r.o. Prague0737958712.9.2018200.000 Kč19.900 Kč reserved
LAGOTINA House s.r.o. Prague0771198110.12.2018200.000 Kč19.900 Kč reserved
DIONISIO Finance s.r.o. Prague0772223113.12.2018200.000 Kč19.900 Kč reserved
KOWA Prop. Management s.r.o. Prague0198811527.6.2018200.000 Kč19.900 Kč reserved
GREGORY Media s.r.o. Prague0722712420.6.2018200.000 Kč19.900 Kč reserved
WESTIN House s.r.o. Prague067346694.1.201812.000 Kč17.900 Kč reserved
AUGUSTUS Media s.r.o. Prague0724609927.6.201812.000 Kč17.900 Kč reserved
DOUGLAS House s.r.o. Prague0199299627.6.201812.000 Kč17.900 Kč reserved
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z roku 2017

Name of companyLocationCompany ID No.Date of establishment
MATAGALPA House s.r.o. Prague0664047829.11.2017200.000 Kč24.900 Kč free
PARAISO Media s.r.o. Prague0659914114.11.201712.000 Kč22.900 Kč free
NEW GRACE Reality s.r.o. Prague0656980331.10.201712.000 Kč22.900 Kč free
Saint Paul Reality s.r.o. Prague0653799527.10.201712.000 Kč22.900 Kč free
BURRELL Invest s.r.o. Prague0656173027.10.201712.000 Kč22.900 Kč free
MAHOGANY Trade s.r.o. Prague0656204327.10.201712.000 Kč22.900 Kč free
GARIFUN House s.r.o. Prague064740805.10.201712.000 Kč22.900 Kč free
BILENIS House s.r.o. Prague064744463.10.201712.000 Kč22.900 Kč free
TAMBOS Solution s.r.o. Prague0659395010.11.2017200.000 Kč24.900 Kč reserved
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Last sold

Name of companyCompany ID No.Date of establishment
KIRENIA Company s.r.o.0783683025.1.2019 Sold
ARATIAL Trade s.r.o.0781279518.1.2019 Sold
BALIAN Solution s.r.o.0781591318.1.2019 Sold
ESPUMA Center s.r.o.0781643018.1.2019 Sold
New Wave Trade s.r.o.077088237.12.2018 Sold
ALBERGO Solution s.r.o.075127915.10.2018 Sold
DORTEAL Reality s.r.o.0781612018.1.2019 Sold
SQUID Trade s.r.o.075220615.10.2018 Sold
MIRAMBE Chamber s.r.o.077473311.1.2019 Sold
FORTALEZA Center s.r.o.0771176010.12.2018 Sold
HIRIDENA Finance s.r.o.0393328826.3.2015 Sold
CUMBUCO Solution s.r.o.0772213313.12.2018 Sold
SAILOR Media s.r.o.075220375.10.2018 Sold
TAIBA Company s.r.o.077497411.1.2019 Sold
LESTIRAN Finance s.r.o.075215535.10.2018 Sold
MERALE Invest s.r.o.0771205710.12.2018 Sold
ALDONIS Trade s.r.o.0771774113.12.2018 Sold
New Deal Solution s.r.o.077089807.12.2018 Sold
GLENDEN Solution s.r.o. 067506649.1.2018 Sold
DIVINE Chamber s.r.o.075131435.10.2018 Sold
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A total of 2047 other companies have been sold...