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Additional services


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Nominee services

Our company also provides our clients with qualified people for the positions of statutory and supervisory body members, in particular:

  • Executive directors of limited liability companies
  • Members of boards of directors for joint stock companies
  • Members of supervisory boards for joint stock companies

Services connected with the provision of qualified people for company statutory or supervisory bodies are primarily provided for the purpose of:

  • the short-term addition of people to the number of members of the company's respective body as required by law
  • the short- or long-term complete staffing of the company's respective body

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Services Offered

The services we provide are not limited to the sale of a new company or assistance when establishing one. Our goal is to provide our clients with complete assistance for their business that is as broad as possible.

Successfully establishing a company is thus only the first step on the road to success. This must be followed by several more, no less important steps.

Our company provides the following supplementary services to our clients:

  • web page creation
  • tax advisory services
  • bookkeeping
  • the organisation of general meetings
  • legal advisory services
  • representation when dealing with administrative offices and other authorities
  • the translation of documents